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Chinese port

Trends in Global Trade Flows and Chinese Ports

Asia has become the manufacturing centre of the global economy. This is a relatively new development. Getting the goods to market is key and Chinese ports play a hugely important role in doing so.

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Consistency is the Key to Success

What is the key to success? In many areas of decision making the answer is consistency. You need a plan and you need to implement it consistently. Do you have the emotional consistency to do so?

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Predict and Prosper. Hold on, not so Fast

It’s tempting to think that if you could predict the market you will make money. But you can’t, and its a fool’s pursuit to try. Many will tell you they can help. Instead, focus on what you can do.

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10 Things You Should Start Doing Today

Sometimes you can get stuck. But here are some things you can do today to get going.

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losing weight is hard

Why losing weight is hard – but not impossible

It’s hard to lose weight and can be even harder to keep it off. Here’s why.

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old friend

Lessons from an Old Friend

Years ago I learned some simple lessons from seeing how an old friend who had spent a lifetime working on Wall Street lived his life. They worked for him and have stood the test of time.

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Life's biggest decisions

Life’s Biggest Decisions and Regret

Some of life’s biggest decisions are small, some are life changing. Which decisions matter most? And which do we often regret the most? Here’s what the research tells us.

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stop breathing while asleep

Do You Stop Breathing While Asleep? One Billion People Worldwide Do

If you have sleep apnoea, you may stop breathing while asleep. Chances are you don’t realise your life is at risk.

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touch matters

Touch Matters a Lot. Why Might this Be?

Even when we see things we often reach to touch them. Is it because touch gives us certainty?

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technology addiction

The 6 Biggest Myths of Technology Addiction

The idea that we can become addicted to technology is commonplace. It’s mostly wrong.

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our possessions

Do We Possess our Possessions or Do They Possess Us?

Why do you value your possessions so much? Too much, perhaps?

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body and mind

How Your Body and Mind Communicate

Do emotions like fear drive physical responses? Or is it the other way round?

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adequate hydration

Adequate Hydration: Facts and Myths

Drink enough water to stay adequately hydrated. That sounds simple.

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genes shape behaviour

Wired that Way: How Genes Shape Behaviour

There is a complicated relationship between your genes and who you are.

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formula for success

You Want the Formula for Success? Here It Is

There is a formula for success. But will you like it?

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Mindexel is not a big corporation.  We’re not about how to get rich or how to build a big business.  Our team is our writers and contributors. Our audience is you.

Andrew Dawson


Writer on how you think, make decisions and behave in business and finance when faced with uncertainty, and how you can do better.

Steven Harcourt


With over 15 years as an analyst in financial markets, Steven understands what drives the financial system and how you can benefit.

Chrissie King

Personal trainer and life coach who works with clients to develop and maintain a healthy body and mind through exercise and nutrition.

Kevin Hannigan

Writes about where we are, how we got here, where we’re going and knows we each have just a little bit of the planet for a short time only.

Aedie Caltern

Former corporate executive whose experience shows you can get more from life by changing yourself without losing what you have.

Guest Contributor


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