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Predict and Prosper. Hold on, not so Fast

It’s tempting to think that if you could predict the market you will make money. But you can’t, and its a fool’s pursuit to try. Many will tell you they can help. Instead, focus on what you can do.

Life's biggest decisions

Life’s Biggest Decisions and Regret

Some of life’s biggest decisions are small, some are life changing. Which decisions matter most? And which do we often regret the most? Here’s what the research tells us.

behave rationally

Do You Behave Rationally when Investing?

It is often assumed that people make behave rationally when it comes to their money. The truth is that this is seldom the case and that our decisions are driven by many biases, particularly when it comes to money.

Emotional Decisions

Emotional Decisions and Outcomes

You are an emotional but rational person. The best of both worlds. Really?

mindful decisions

Making Mindful Decisions

There are many benefits to using a mindful approach to making decision

risky decisions

Leaving it to Chance

When faced with a decision, focus on what you can control.